Öhlins Inverted Front End Assembly for FXR




Transform your FXR motorcycle with the FXR Öhlins Inverted Front End Assembly, a comprehensive kit meticulously designed for precision and durability. This upgrade enhances both performance and aesthetics, providing unmatched stability, control, and style for your ride.

Components Included:

  1. Front Forks: Öhlins inverted forks offer superior rigidity and damping characteristics, enhancing handling and responsiveness on the road.
  2. Triple Tree Top: Precision-engineered triple tree top ensures secure mounting of the front forks and handlebars for optimal stability.
  3. Triple Tree Bottom: Completing the triple tree assembly, the bottom piece provides essential support and alignment for the front end components.
  4. Dust Neck Cover (Chrome): Adds a touch of style while protecting the neck area from dust and debris, complementing the chrome accents of your FXR.
  5. Front Brake Rotors (Left and Right): High-performance brake rotors deliver exceptional stopping power and heat dissipation for safe and controlled braking.
  6. Brembo Front Brake Calipers (Left and Right): Premium Brembo calipers provide precise braking performance, enhancing overall stopping efficiency and confidence.
  7. Titanium Front Axle: Lightweight and durable titanium axle reduces unsprung weight, contributing to improved handling and agility.
  8. Front Brake Hanger Mounts (Left and Right): Ensures secure mounting of the brake calipers to the front forks, maintaining proper alignment and functionality.
  9. 4 Brake Mount Spacers: Essential components for mounting the brake calipers securely and maintaining proper clearance.
  10. Triple Tree Neck Stem: Connects the triple tree assembly to the motorcycle frame, providing structural support and stability.
  11. Stem Nut: Secures the triple tree assembly and front end components to the motorcycle frame, ensuring proper alignment and functionality.

Crafted with Öhlins’ renowned quality and expertise, each component of this front end assembly is designed to deliver optimal performance, reliability, and style for your FXR motorcycle.

Upgrade your FXR with the Öhlins Inverted Front End Assembly and experience a new level of confidence and agility on the road.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 12 × 12 in
Rider Weight

150 -200, 200-250, 250+

Fork Color

Black, Gold


Stock, 2 Over

Radial Brake Kit

Yes, No


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