Brembo Forged Monoblock Radial Front Caliper Pair


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Enhance your motorcycle’s braking performance with the Brembo Forged Monoblock Radial Front Caliper Pair. Crafted with precision and expertise, these calipers feature innovative monoblock technology and premium components for unparalleled stopping power and control.


  1. Monoblock Technology: Constructed from a single block of aluminum, the monoblock design ensures superior rigidity and durability, providing consistent braking performance under demanding conditions.
  2. 4x34mm Aluminum Pistons: The calipers are equipped with four 34mm aluminum pistons, delivering powerful and precise braking performance with excellent brake feel.
  3. Antivibration Springs: Included antivibration springs minimize noise and vibration, enhancing rider comfort and control during braking.
  4. Sintered Brake Pads: Complete with sintered brake pads suitable for both road and race use, ensuring optimal braking performance and durability in various riding conditions.
  5. Specific Spacers and Screw Kits: The calipers come with specific spacers and screw kits for easy installation and compatibility with your motorcycle.
  6. Thermotape Caliper Stickers: Included thermotape caliper stickers add a stylish touch to your motorcycle’s front end, complementing its overall aesthetic.
  7. Sold as a Set: This set includes both left and right front calipers for a complete upgrade to your motorcycle’s braking system.

Note: Radial mount brackets are required if mounting to stock lowers.

Upgrade your motorcycle’s braking system with the Brembo Forged Monoblock Radial Front Caliper Pair and experience the ultimate in braking performance and control.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in


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